खाऊ ची गोष्ट

“Patankar Khauwale” spread its wings to the four corners of the city.It is developed with religious patience and relentless work with a legacy of more than 70 years.”Patankar Events”, backed by the ‘Khauwale Patankar’ legacy, has given an entirely new meaning to the concept of traditional events. We are very happy to tell you that “Patankar Events” has achieved a niche position by organizing over 500 traditional events in two and half years. We believe in conveying our rich cultural heritage and the hidden meaning behind the solemn ceremonies.

Its our forte in organizing conceptual and customized drama based, personalized, theme and traditional events. A lot of efforts by many artists ,creative writers, accomplished performers and many more go into putting up such an event. We arrange such events with grandeur and magnificence to introduce our culture and its nuances with clarity. We ensure that the biggest moments of your life leave only sweet memories behind.

We are also the sole event organizers in the industry to execute such event as few of our concepts have been copyrighted and exclusively offered only at “Patankar Events”!

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