लग्नाचा दिमाखदार, संस्मरणीय सोहळा

It is our heartfelt belief that gigantic stages, ostentatious flower decorations, blindingly bright lights and a general abuse of wealth is not ‘event management’! Focusing on the little, charming aspects of a wedding and presenting them thoughtfully is event management. Receiving an overwhelming response and active participation from the event’s attendees is event management! Deriving happiness out of giving a spin to the age-old customs yet retaining their spirit is event management! And there is no need to spend lakhs of rupees on these events that do manage to inspire many a million-dollar smile!

An interactive Sangeet at the engagement, a colourful Mehendi, a candid and informative Vyahibhet, the bridegroom’s grand entry in the marriage hall, a sweet monologue by the bride’s Mama, the bride’s lovely arrival in a pretty Doli amidst song-and-dance – you name the ceremony and it’s got our little twist to it!

And then comes the most vital part of it all – the Mangal Ashtika – the countdown to the actual wedding! Say what? The guests chat among themselves during the 16-verse chants? The Gurujis often miss the mahurat thanks to sheer time mismanagement? Well, Bride and Beautiful has found a solution to this little glitch as well! A brilliant musical performance of the holy verses – poems composed of traditional tunes – by singers clad in the fitting Puneri attires of Nauvaris and Kurta-Dhotis, which inspire even the chatty guests to sway their arms and tap their feet in rhythm!

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Unique Theme Weddings in Pune

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Unique Theme Weddings in Pune

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Unique Theme Weddings in Pune

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